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Azadirachta indica Neem Tree

Nimb , Limb (or Neem , Balantlimb; Classical name: Azadirachta indica ; Origin: Meliaceae) is a tree found in Pakistan , India , Nepal and Bangladesh in the Indian subcontinent . The leaves of this tree are called neem because they are bitter. This plant does not cause pollution.

Neem is a large, shady tree growing 30-60 feet tall . It has a stalk about 9 to 15 inches long and at equal distances, leaves 9 to 15 green in color, 2-3 cm long, angular, saw-like. Both sides of the leaf start oblique leaf. Neem flowers are white, small and fragrant. The fruits are green first and yellow when ripe. Each of these fruits, which are about 3-4 mm long, has one seed each. These seeds are called neem or lemon. Neem wood is used in building and making boxes etc.

Neem is a naturally occurring, multi-purpose tree found all over India. It bears a small bitter taste of lemon color, hence its name Neem. The leaves , fruits , seeds , bark and roots of this tree are bitter. It is everyone’s favorite tree due to its many uses. Due to its bitterness, the property of ‘Jantughan’ is used for animals, birds , crops and human beings. On the auspicious day of Gudipadva, its leaves, flowers, small fruits, cumin seeds , mire , sandhav salt , ova , jaggery , asafoetida , tamarindThey are all eaten together and eaten in pellets. Its trunk grows straight; Later the branches break off. The bark of this tree is black and rough. The leaves are green, medium sized and oblong. There is a pattern on the side of the page. A stick has ten to twelve leaves. The leaf stalk is thin. The taste is bitter. The shade of the neem tree is cool. The house in the shade of this neem tree stays cool in summer.

Neem is a tree found all around us. This tree is also considered important in Hinduism.

Neem tree is large. It usually grows to a height of eight to ten meters. Its trunk grows straight; then it breaks its branches. The leaves are green, of medium size and elongated. The leaf has a pattern on the side. The taste of this tree is bitter. The flowers of this tree are small, white and fragrant. The fruits of this tree are green when raw and yellow when ripe.

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