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Constipation Remedy Using Apples And Other Juices

Constipation Remedy Using Apples And Other Juices

Here are two constipation cures, one for mild constipation and one for chronic constipation.

Juice from apples and pears for onstipation

If you have a minor case of constipation, you can try this cure.

Make equal parts fresh apple and pear juice. This combo should be consumed when you first wake up and one hour before going to bed.

Pears that are slightly hard should be juiced. If the pear is ripe, combine it whole with apple juice to make a thick drink. Using the entire pear will provide you with more fibre. Simply remove the seeds, but do not peel the organic variety.

Pears include minerals, vitamins, and compounds that aid in colon, kidney, and blood cell regeneration.

Apple and prune juices

If you suffer from chronic constipation, try this constipation cure. In addition to drinking apple juice, you can speed up your peristaltic movement by drinking prune juice.

Here’s how to go about it.

You can produce fresh apple juice with a juicer and drink 3-4 cups per day. We can also drink store-bought apple juice. But we make sure it’s fresh squeezed and not pasteurized or flash pasteurized. If fresh apple juice is not available, use flash pasteurized apple juice.

Some Suggestions

If possible, purchase your juice in glass containers.

Solvents are used to treat plastic containers, which remain in the container walls and gradually outgas into the apple juice. When plastic containers are stored in hot conditions, the outgassing becomes more severe.

To accelerate the laxative effects of apple juice, consume the following combination first thing in the morning before breakfast:

Consume 2-3 glasses of prune juice.


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