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How Sunflower and Sesame Seeds Can Treat Constipation

How Sunflower and Sesame Seeds Can Treat Constipation

Sesame seeds for Constipation

It makes a lot of sense to take sesame and sunflower seeds for constipation. If you enjoy eating seeds, this is one approach to increase the amount of fibre, vitamins, and minerals in your diet while also reducing constipation.

Black sesame seeds are suggested as a treatment for chronic constipation by Maoshing Ni, Ph.D., C.A., and Cathy McNease, B.S., M.H. in their book The TAO of Nutrition, published in 1987. He says as follows:

Using a small coffee grinder, make black sesame seed meal.

Mix into a tiny ball with dark honey.

Eat one dipped in rice wine three times per day.

Additionally, black sesame seeds are nourishing and have beneficial effects on the blood, kidney, liver, and intestines.

Brown rice can also be used to make a sesame soup.

Brown rice and 10 parts sesame seeds are soaked in distilled water.

Pour off the water once they are soft, which takes approximately an hour, and then pulse them in a small food processor to create liquid. To eliminate grit, strain the liquid that is left.

  • Add honey and dilute the drink with distilled water.
  • Heat the mixture gently until it thickens into syrup.
  • To treat constipation within an hour or so, drink around two cups.

Peas and brown sesame seeds – in addition – assist in lubricating the digestive walls. This facilitates the passage of faeces through your colon.

Sunflower seeds to ease bloating

Sunflower seeds encourage routine. Use them daily uncooked, shelled, and unsalted. Similar to olive oil, they contain omega-6 fatty acids. You may grind them up and use 1-2 teaspoons in your morning smoothie or your homemade salad dressing.

  • Include them in your salad.
  • Include them in your breakfast cereal.

Here is a recipe for a drink using sunflowers.

Pick up a couple of tablespoons of sunflower seeds. Use a coffee grinder to ground them. To a cup of hot water, add them. Add honey, maple syrup, or blackstrap molasses to this combination to make it sweeter. To relieve constipation, consume this mixture both morning and evening.

You may also add sesame seeds to your salad dressing when you grind sunflower seeds. Use both of these seeds and experiment and find out how you like preparing them and eating them.


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